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  • Everything done from the free mobile TaaP© App
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    The TaaP© app is tied to our load board connecting shippers directly to capacity as well and to our dashboard allowing real time tracking and planning. Most freight posted on load boards is moved via brokers and re-sold into the membership . TaaP© works with both shippers and carriers directly matching loads to lanes. The TaaP© App is simple-$5 per shipment to place a load on the load board. Carriers have a low monthly subscription to the load board and can see loads in their area of interest (geo fencing) and bid/connect to shippers directly. Once confirmed they "Taap© IN" to the load for acceptance. At this point the AP tracks the load through its route on a real time basis. Upon delivery the driver takes a picture of the signed BOL, creating the POD and "TaaP© OUT" of the load confirming delivery along with required documentation for payment.

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    Set filters. Set filters and search for loads by
    distance, by price, by load or by time.
    View Loads. Available loads can be viewed
    in Map View or List View,
    Click on a load to see load details.
    Accept load & TaaP© In. Upload your BOL in the app.
    TaaP© Out. Upon delivery, upload POD & TaaP© Out.

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