Whether it pandemic or any social protest or geographical pressure or political upheavals, the nature of business and organizations has shifted and then again moved over the years around the globe. Thus, to maintain the competition and be recognized globally the leading organizations kept no stone unturned to meet with the dynamic nature of the business and its existence. The strategy planning by the organizations played an important role in keeping their place globally by maintaining the expectations of the customers and thus resulting to be toping among their most likeable and go to organizations. Through regular strategic workforce planning the organization forecasted future needs and identified the skills and mindsets, and executed its strategy. Then they have focused on acquiring talent with those skills and mindsets, whether through recruitment or by reskilling and upskilling their current employees. Organizations had taken steps to engage their employees–at every level–by helping them connect to the greater good behind their work. In short, organizations have reviewed every lever available for building and strengthening their relationships with individual talent. The mindset of growth fueled by continuous learning is an essential attribute for leading in a changing world and the leading companies had proved it to us again and again

Thus, the current edition of The CEO Views brings to you “Top 50 Most Admired Companies to watch 2022”. The list highlights some of the most admired companies that won the hearts of their consumers by being open to change and new ideas, taking risks, and being flexible and comfortable with ambiguity. All of these attributes are key to thriving in new, disruptive situations of these organizations inspiring companies and assisting their teams and individuals in accomplishing their upcoming projects.

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